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Mail Time: Can McGrady maintain his scoring pace?'s Damien Pierce opens his mailbag to answer fans' questions

Damien Pierce Staff Writer beat writer Damien Pierce opens up his mailbag each week to answer fans' questions.

So ask Pierce anything about the NBA or the Rockets. He’ll come up with an answer or an answer that sounds right. His answers, of course, are entirely his own opinion.

In this week's mailbag, fans want to know if Tracy McGrady can keep up his scoring, if Yao Ming will play in the All-Star Game and when the team will get Kirk Snyder back.

Pierce will be fielding questions again on Jan. 11, so send in your queries.

Do you think that Tracy McGrady can return to his scoring ways now that he has put together back-to-back-to-back 30-point plus games?
-- Nick Tomaszewski, New York

지금 3게임 연속 30+ 득점을 기록하고 있는 티맥이 자신의 득점 페이스를 유지할수 있을까요?
-- Nick Tomaszewski, New York

T-Mac is back.

티맥이 돌아왔습니다.

Since returning from his seven-game absence, McGrady has been in vintage form. He is averaging 27.2 points per game over the past five outings and has been responsible for getting his teammates open looks on the perimeter. He has undeniably been carrying the team without Yao Ming.

 7게임을 결장하고서 돌아온 티맥은 더 좋아졌습니다. 5게임 평균 27.2득점을 기록하고 있고 퍼리미터에 오픈된 동료들에게도 잘 연결해 주고 있습니다. 티맥이 야오가 없는 팀을 이끌고 있다는 건 부정하기 힘든 얘기죠.

McGrady said as much after another 30-point-plus effort against the Sonics on Wednesday. He was asked if he could keep up the scoring pace and he didn't struggle coming up with an answer.

 티맥은 지난 수요일 소닉스전에서도 30+득점을 기록한후 이와 같이 말했습니다. 스코어링 페이스를 계속해서 유지할 수 있냐는 질문을 받았고 별로 힘들이지 않고 대답했습니다.

"I'm just going in the attack mode," McGrady said. "I'm going back to what I used to do and that is score the ball. With Yao in the lineup, I don't have to do as much as I have to do right now. He is a big piece that is missing out of our line-up. I've got to pick some of that scoring up. I've got to lead this ball club while he’s out. I've done it before and it's nothing new to me and I will just continue to do it."

"이제 전 공격모드에 올랐습니다. 득점을 하는, 바로 제가 예전부터 해왔던 일로 돌아온것이죠. 야오와 함께 라인업에 선다면, 지금처럼 득점할 필요가 없겠죠. 야오는 우리팀의 큰 조각이고 지금은 야오 없이 플레이해야 됩니다. 제가 더 많이 득점해야하고 야오가 없는 동안 우리 팀을 이끌어야합니다. 제가 예전에 해왔던 것이고 새로운 것이 아니며 계속해서 잘 해나갈겁니다."라고 티맥은 말했다.

Besides recognizing that his team needs a boost without Yao, the other key difference in McGrady's game is that he's playing with a ton of confidence. He no longer seems to be fretting over his early season shooting slump and he has pushed his own concerns about his back out of his mind.

 게다가 야오없이 팀을 끌어올리는 것이 필요하다고 인지하는 중, 티맥이 게임에서 좀더 자신감이 붙었다는 것은 또다른 중요한 차이점이다. 티맥은 더이상 시즌 초반 그랬던 슈팅 슬럼프에 초조해 하지 않고 등문제에 신경쓰지 않는 것처럼 보인다.

The result has been the scoring spree that you've seen over the past week.

그 결과 지난주 내내 본것처럼 활발한 득점력을 나타내었다.

Does Yao Ming have a chance of returning from his injury in time for the All-Star Game?
-- Philip Johnson, Houston

야오가 올스타 게임에 돌아올수 있을까요?
-- Philip Johnson, Houston

Sure, Yao's got a chance. But do I expect him to play in the All-Star Game? No.

물론 야오는 기회가 있긴 하지만, 올스타 게임에 뛸수 있을지는 기대하지 않습니다.

Yao Ming, who has a fractured right tibia, could be back in early February based on the six-week time table given immediately after his injury. That, of course, would give him almost two weeks to return before participating in the All-Star Game on Feb. 18.

 오른쪽 경골 골절을 당한 야오는 부상으로 부터 회복까지 6주가 걸릴 것으로보고 2월 초 복귀예정입니다. 물론 올스타 게임이 열리는 2월 19일전으로 부터 빠르면 2주전에 돌아올수도 있겠죠.

With that said, I think it's far more likely that the Rockets big man will return following the All-Star Game. The extra week or two would give him some extra time to test out his leg and get back into playing shape.

 앞서 말한것처럼,야오는 올스타전에 돌아올겁니다. 다리를 테스트하고 예전처럼 뛰기위해서는 여분의 시간이 더 필요하지만요.

Has John Lucas III worked his way into the rotation?
-- Juan Cruz, Houston

존 루카스가 로테이션에서 자리잡았나요?
-- Juan Cruz, Houston

Jeff Van Gundy hasn't labeled John Lucas III as a regular in the rotation, but it's clear that the coach is gaining confidence in the reserve point guard.

밴 건디는 루카스가 로테이션에서 보장받지는 못할꺼라 했지만,  백업 포인트가드에게 좀더 자신감을 심어 주었습니다.

The once-seldom used guard is averaging 8.6 minutes per game over his past seven games and has provided the Rockets with a jolt of energy when he has been on the court. He changes the tempo of games and his confidence is building on the offensive end. He had eight points during a key 12-minute stretch against Seattle on Wednesday night.

좀처럼 출장하지 못하는 가드인 루카스는 지난 7게임에서 평균 8.6분을 뛰었고, 코트에 있는 동안 만큼은 로켓츠에 에너지를 붇돋구어 주었습니다.루카스는 게임 템포를 조절하고, 루카스의 자신감은 공격 마무리를 토대로 합니다. 수요일 밤 시애틀전에서 중요한 12분 동안 8득점을 기록했습니다.

Lucas still has work to do on the defensive end and that's the main thing that is keeping him from being on the floor every night. Van Gundy said Lucas' playing time is determined from game-to-game since he doesn't want to matchup the 5-foot-10 guard against bigger point guards around the league. But Lucas' energy level off the bench is something that Houston certainly needs with so many injuries.

루카스는 여전히 수비 마무리에 좀 더 힘써야하고 그것은 매일밤에 플로어에 설 수 있느냐에 직결됩니다.  5'10"의 루카스를 리그의 장신 포인트 가드들과 매치시키고 싶어하지 않기에 게임에 따라 루카스의 플레잉 타임이 결정된다고 밴 건디가 말했습니다. 그러나 루카스의 에너지는 부상으로 신음하는 휴스턴이 필요로 하는 것입니다.

How much longer before Kirk Snyder is back from his hand injury?
-- Alberto Rodriguez, Houston

커크 스나이더가 손 부상에서 돌아올려면 얼마나 걸릴까요?
Alberto Rodriguez, Houston

Welcome to the section of the Mailbag that turns into an injury update.

메일백의 부상 업데이트 순서가 되었군요.

Kirk Snyder, who has been out since Nov. 21 with a broken right hand, said Saturday that he's optimistic he could be back in the lineup in "no more than two weeks."

지난 11월 21일 오른손 골절 부상을 당한 커크는 토요일날 경과가 낙관적이고 라인업에 복귀하기까지 2주가 걸리지 않을거라고 말했습니다.

He might actually be on the court sooner than that. Snyder has returned to practice with the team and might get cleared Friday against Utah after having his hand evaluated. If he's not back against the Jazz, he'll almost certainly be back on the court next week.

커크는 코트에 곧 돌아올것으로 보입니다. 만약 재즈전에 돌아오지 못한다면, 적어도 다음 주중에는 코트에 돌아올겁니다.

What's up with Bob Sura? Is he expected to play this year?
-- Allison Wollam, Houston

밥 수라는 어떤가요? 올시즌 뛸수 있을까요?
-- Allison Wollam, Houston

Bob Sura hasn't made any official announcements about where he is in his comeback attempt from back and knee injuries, but the Rockets clearly aren't expecting to have him available this season.

수라는 등과 무릎 부상으로부터 돌아오려는 시도에 대하여 어떤 공식적인 발표도 없었지만, 로켓츠
이번 시즌에 수라가 돌아오리라고는 전혀 기대하지 않습니다.

Before Wednesday's game against the Sonics, Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy said as much. He said Sura has been working hard to return, but hasn't been able to practice through the first two months of the season.

수요일 소닉스전이 열리기전, 밴 건디 감독은 이와같이 얘기했습니다. 수라는 돌아오기 위해 열심히 노력중이지만, 이번 시즌 첫 두달동안 전혀 연습에 참가 할 수 없었다고 하네요.

Here's a snippet of what Van Gundy had to say on Wednesday:

여기 수요일에 밴 건디가 말한 내용을 발췌합니다.:

"We've had multiple conversations trying to chart the best path for him and us," the coach said. "We have been trying, trying and trying, but I would say for the last month that we've come to the realization that it's probably just not going to happen."

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