Rialto - Summer's Over

Music + 2007. 10. 18. 18:25

Kamikaze seagull planes,
fighting over chip shop takeaway remains.
When you're walking on the cliffs,
you can't help wondering how far down the sea is,
and what if it should give?

I didn't mean to bring you down,
summer's over seaside town,
She says we shouldn't have come so far,
this seaside town summer's over.

Empty pubs echo with sounds,
juke-box selections that keep going round and round.
Maybe rain is all we need,
to come and wash the summer rubbish off the beach,
oh lets just go to sleep.

In the back of the arcades,
kids borrow money to play one more final game,
while mother's wait in family cars,
I wonder why we ever chose to come so far,
but I wish you wouldn't ask,

This summer's over, seaside town,
this seaside town, summer's over

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